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"Connect the educational experience to the world of work, to guarantee all students graduate prepared for college, career, and beyond." - San Diego County Board of Education Board Goal 1

Today's schools must prepare students to take on jobs that do not yet exist, while using technologies that have yet to be invented, in order to solve problems that have not yet emerged. 

The challenge is clear: We must connect the learning students do in school to the world of work. This can be accomplished through integrating career concepts into core curriculum and project-based learning, providing students with models from industry through work-based learning, and developing career technical education, or CTE, programs designed to prepare students for careers in high-wage, high-growth industries. 

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About Career Readiness

SDCOE is launching a new podcast, The Future Starts with You, where we explore career readiness initiatives with the people doing the real work in the field, from the classroom to administrators, industry and beyond. Our work is focused on ensuring all students have a future without boundaries.  

Look forward to podcasts under 20 minutes long with interviews from the field highlighting the wonderful work happening in career readiness for our K12 students. Like the title says, the future starts with you.

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Upcoming Opportunities and Event Highlights

Career Ready Road Trip Postcard

Join a Career Ready Road Trip

We are in the field this year touring high quality career readiness programs and pathways!

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Middle School CTE Symposium

Learn how to develop and expand middle school career technical education (CTE) pathway programs at the 2023 Middle School CTE Symposium

Feb. 9 

officer showing student the various functions of highway patrol car

Careers in Public Service

Two and a half weeks of in-person and virtual activities to help students explore careers in law enforcement, public health, human services, and more.

March 1 - 17

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