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Welcome to SDCOE Teacher Effectiveness and Preparation Educator Pathways

This resource is designed to provide guidance that will help support the  journey to becoming and growing as an educator. It is organized to provide resources based on any given starting point. 

The San Diego County Office of Education supports aspiring educators of all backgrounds and experiences in their exploration of and efforts toward a career in K-12 education, and it assists schools and districts as they continue to implement inclusive hiring and support practices. Together, we can both increase the candidate pool of educators from underrepresented groups to better reflect student demographics and inform the school cultures in which these educators will be an integral part.

To begin learning more about your pathway to an education career, check out the Pathways to Teaching Overview video and the My Experience stories. Then, scroll down to find the pathway to an education career based on your individual starting point.

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Latest Updates

July 2024

You may not need to take the CBEST! 

As of June 29, 2024, the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) can be met via a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college/university for most credentials. See our new Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) guide for more information.

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We're looking forward to the next San Diego County Office of Education Level Up! event. This FREE virtual event is an opportunity to learn how you can earn an education-related degree, credential, authorization, or permit from a variety of San Diego area institutions.

Check back for registration and details for our next LevelUp! event. 

Future Educators Summit

This free event, held at San Diego Mesa College, is a collaboration among San Diego County community colleges, universities, and TK-12 schools seeking to increase the visibility and awareness of educator pathways for middle/high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.This event will provide information about various aspects of becoming an educator including the many pathways to get there.

Check back for 2025 event information.


Are you an educator of color? We are proud to facilitate an affinity group just for you! 

What do we mean by affinity group? This group is a virtual discussion space for educators of color to come together for connection, inspiration, and mutual support in navigating our place in schools, regardless of role.

Educator Pathways Community of Practice (affinity group for BIPOC educators) Interest List


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High School Student

Ready to explore the idea of becoming an educator?
Learn more about this pathway

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Classified Employee

Considering the transition from classified to certificated?
Learn more about this pathway

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College Undergrad

Curious about the next steps to becoming an educator as you work on a college degree?
Learn more about this pathway

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Already have at least a bachelor's degree, military, or industry experience?
Learn more about this pathway

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Current Educator

Interested in mentorship opportunities or credential additions?
Learn more about this pathway

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Transitional Kindergarten and Early Learning

Early childhood teachers, including those who work in preschool and transitional kindergarten, are often students' first experience with school. Learn more about how to be one of these influential educators.
Learn more about this pathway

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Administrative Careers

If you're an educator ready to take on an instructional, programmatic, or site leadership role, becoming a school administrator may be right for you.
Learn more about this pathway

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Non-Teaching Careers

It takes a wide-range of professionals to run a school. Non-teaching careers from instructional aides and bus drivers to systems analysts and landscapers are part of this important group of professionals.
Learn more about this pathway

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Events and Resources

Annual Level Up and Career Fair events can help you move your career forward! You'll also find a valuable resource and planning guide as well as an Edjoin guide to help you prepare for your credential, find opportunities, ace that interview, and more to help you make the most of your time!
Learn more

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Financial Supports

Becoming an educator takes more than time and effort. It also requires a financial investment. Take a look at just some of the financial supports available to help you make your teacher credential a reality.
Learn more

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