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My Experience

My Experience

Educator Pathways - My Experience Stories

Educators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to support students and other educators in both teaching non-teaching roles. Click on the video preview image or link to see the personal stories of educators from across San Diego county.

Kimberly Moore

Kimberly is now an education leader but originally planned to become an attorney.

▶️ Kimberly Moore

Michael Wickert

Michael didn't have external encouragement to become a teacher, but persevered to reach his goals. He is now an educator who serves as a role-model to encourage others.

▶️ Michael Wickert

Bianca Andrade

Working as a tutor and in an after-school program is helping Bianca to build skills and experience as she pursues a bilingual education teaching career.

▶️ Bianca Andrade

Elliott Powell

From the Navy to the White House to the classroom, Elliott's career has been about preparing others to be their best.

▶️ Elliott Powell

Liza Flowers

Coaching sports led others to recognize Liza's talents and potential as an educator.

▶️ Liza Flowers

Maria Mujica

Maria now supports students who can relate to her background and challenges.

▶️ Maria Mujica

Yolanda Rogers

After heading down other career paths, Yolanda found her place as a teacher and education leader.

▶️ Yolanda Rogers

Sheiveh Jones

Sheiveh's experience as an immigrant to the United States shaped her as an educator and now as a leader supporting programs for new and aspiring educators.

▶️ Sheiveh Jones

Andrew Baldwin

A challenging high school experience didn't stop Andrew from working his way to a role in education.

▶️ Andrew Baldwin


Fabiola Bagula

Fabiola always dreamed of becoming a teacher. The road wasn't easy, but now as a teacher and leader, she works to bring an equity focus to education.

▶️ Fabiola Bagula

Calipso Barrera Gomez

Calipso came to the U.S. as a young girl and struggled due of a lack of knowledge about the education system. She now works to empower others by providing the clarity they need to be successful.

▶️ Calipso Barrera Gomez

Monir Masoud

Monir grew up in a war zone, but kept dreaming big. Now he has the privilege of supporting others on their education journey.

 ▶️ Monir Masoud

Adina Sullivan-Marlow

Though teaching was her first career choice, it wasn't Adina's first career. Now she is helping others to navigate their pathway to a career in education.

▶️ Adina Sullivan-Marlow