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Classified Employee

Classified employees have opportunities to work with students, teachers, parents, and school/district staff throughout the year. This experience provides a unique insight into the multiple aspects of a school community. That unique insight is invaluable in a successful journey to becoming a teacher.

Whether you have a degree or not, you do not have to give up your job as a classified employee to go back to school and attain a credential. 

Classified employees, depending on their district, have the opportunity to participate in the Classified Employee Teacher Recruitment grant which offers multiple supports including advisement, guidance in selecting a teacher preparation program, examination preparation, and financial supports to offset educational expenses.  In addition, there are multiple credentialing programs available that allow individuals to complete their education based on their life circumstances.

Learn more about the many options available to becoming a teacher!

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Unsure about the requirements to attain a credential?  Check out this tool and learn more about what you need to complete your education. 

For some, exams can be a breeze while for others they can create quite a bit of anxiety. We are here to support all types of test takers whether you are enthusiastic or anxious. Our free preparation courses are designed to give you a good sense of what you could expect on the exams. With the support of Future Educator Support, individuals who struggle with language and writing will also have the support necessary to pass the examinations.

The Classified Employee Teacher Recruitment Grant is designed to recruit classified employees into the teaching profession by providing the resources and supports necessary to complete the required education to become a teacher. Preschool teachers also qualify! The supports include up to $3,500 per year as well as advisement and mentoring, examination preparation. The annual application window is in September and applications must come from and be submitted to the classified employee's human resources department. Please check with your employing district to verify participation in the grant. 

Take a look at the Education Career Pathway Flowcharts below to learn more about pathways and options. Then check out the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved teacher preparation programs website to find a program that fits you.

Be sure to also take a look at our LevelUp! event, to help you learn more about educator preparation programs at local San Diego institutions.

Education Career Pathway Flowcharts

Each type of educator has its own set of requirements. The steps outlined below give the basic overview of the steps you need to complete, whether you would like to be a classroom instructional aide (paraprofessional), an elementary teacher, secondary teacher, substitute teacher, or special education teacher (Education Specialist). You'll even see a description for those who are interested in a program where you can earn your bachelors and teaching credential through the same program (combined bachelors + credential). 

Wish you had more information about how to apply for jobs?  Prepare for job interviews?  Complete your EdJoin profile?  Or perhaps you just want to learn more about recruitment events.  Check our recruitment events and resources!

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