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As educators, we have a large impact on the narrative about public education and teachers. This impact comes in many forms including our work as leaders within our classrooms, on our school sites, at our districts and beyond. We encourage you to further your training and education so that you can help shape the narrative by supporting teachers new to the profession, becoming a peer coach, contributing to processes and policies at the school and district level, or becoming an administrator.

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Substitute teaching is a great way to learn more about and gain experience in schools and districts. It is also a way to work on a more flexible schedule - part or full-time. Substitute Teacher Training will help you Gain practical strategies and useful information from experts in the field, including teachers, site and district administrators, human resource officers, and credentialing professionals. You also receive a substitute teacher manual and classroom resources you can use tomorrow!

If you’re ready to increase your leadership and teacher coaching/support skills, we invite you to take part in Mentoring 2.0 which includes modules covering:

  • Developing a coaching stance
  • Multiple coaching supports
  • Understanding and valuing adult learners
  • Goal setting
  • Managing difficult coaching situations 

For Master Teachers hosting clinical practice candidates, University Supervisors of clinical practice candidates, Clinical Supervisors or Site-based Mentors of Intern teachers, or Induction or CTE Mentors of beginning teachers, we also have a Certificate in Clinical Practice Support and Supervision program that satisfies the current CTC requirement.

It doesn’t take much time as an educator to realize that students with special needs require special skills on the part of educators to ensure they are receiving the best from us. Whether you are an Education Specialist looking to add to your credential/skills or a school team ready to make classrooms more inclusive, we have programs to support your journey.  

You may have achieved one type of teaching credential, but that doesn’t have to limit you. Adding subjects to your credentials can open up opportunities in other subjects or grade levels.

Students deserve great schools lead by great leaders. Learn more about how you can prepare for an administrative position.


Coming to California from another state or country? Check out tips or strategies to help you navigate the requirements and processes.

One of your best resources is the SDCOE Credentials team for information on educator credentials, certificates, waivers, authorizations and fingerprinting.

Be sure to also take a look at our LevelUp! event, to help you learn more about educator preparation programs at local San Diego institutions.

Wish you had more information about how to apply for jobs?  Prepare for job interviews?  Complete your EdJoin profile?  Or perhaps you just want to learn more about recruitment events.  Check our recruitment events and resources!

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