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Non-Teaching Careers

If you're an educator ready to take on an instructional, programmatic, or site leadership role, becoming a school administrator may be right for you.

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When we think of education careers, we often think of teachers and administrators, but those are just two of the many types of professionals needed to make sure schools run well and prepare students. Careers in education that don't require an educator credential are referred to as "classified" positions. These non-teaching careers run the gamut from instructional aide and campus supervisor to accounting, landscaping, child nutrition, mechanics, and MORE!

Whether you are looking for a teaching or non-teaching career, EDJOIN is the job board where you will find positions posted. On EDJOIN, you can search based on position, region, district, etc. By creating a profile on EDJOIN, you can save searches and apply for most positions as well.

Prefer to use a printed guide? This PDF will also guide you through the process of creating a profile, conducting a search and applying for positions.

Many of the positions you may not realize are important part of schools are located in the technology and business services departments. Take a look at the webinar videos below to learn more about these careers along tips to help you if these are areas where you have an interest.

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