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Promoting the well-being and success of every child and family

P-3 Alignment: Prekindergarten to 3rd Grade

An estimated 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten. That’s one reason why the state is providing support to expand transitional kindergarten to include all 4-year-olds and strengthen the program coherence between prekindergarten to 3rd grade, known as P-3 alignment.

The San Diego County Office of Education is helping local educational agencies provide high-quality prekindergarten (pre-K) by connecting them with information on current transitional kindergarten programs, the latest details on universal transitional kindergarten, and best practices that align curricula, assessment, and professional learning for P-3 alignment. The California Department of Education’s P-3 alignment efforts step from a belief that gaps in opportunities and learning outcomes require system-level reform to address biases and disrupt inequities.

Educators and families of students who are English learners and multilingual learners play an important role in setting up all young people for success. All children in California have a constitutional right to high-quality education.

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Universal Prekindergarten and the California English Learner Roadmap

High-quality pre-K experiences have a profound impact on children’s brain development and key school readiness skills. Yet historically underserved students, such as multilingual children and children with disabilities, have had the fewest opportunities to access effective early education. By providing access to high-quality early education programs and services, we can ensure every child has what they need to succeed before they even enter kindergarten. 

The California English Learner Roadmap: Strengthening Comprehensive Educational Policies, Programs, and Practices for English Learners (link to CDE page) can be used in conjunction with the UPK focus area. The English Learner Roadmap sets a common direction for LEAs in the planning and implementation of early education programs for English learners. 

The four principles and companion resources provide a crosswalk between the UPK focus areas and the English Learner Roadmap principles. Additionally, each includes support for LEAs in their planning, implementing, and evaluation of P-3 programs.

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