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EL RISE! Resources

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A California Department of Education Educator Workforce Investment Grant

A partnership of


  • Strengthen California County Offices of Education capacity to support LEAs
  • Increase educator knowledge of the EL Roadmap
  • Build understanding of the implications for various roles in system
  • Build skills and strategies for implementing evidence-based practices
  • Develop shared vision and priorities for local plans
  • Support design, improvement and sustainability of research-based language acquisition programs, including dual language programs
  • Develop local policies and LEA system mechanisms focused on EL needs

... through customized plans and offerings.

EL RISE! is a momentum-building, support system to help English learning students thrive and lead in a culturally diverse global world. EL RISE! helps students in the following ways:

  • Providing educators easy access to professional learning
  • Ensuring English Learners can have access to intellectually rich instruction
  • Giving students the tools to participate in a globalized environment
  • Achieving access and equity