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Classified Management Job Descriptions

​Classification Titles​Salary Grade Schedule
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​Accounting and Data Support Specialist
​Accounting Specialist​038
Benefits Representative I​024
Benefits Representative II​028
Budget Specialist​038
Business Specialist​030
​Chief Communications and Public Relations Officer​053
​Claims Adjuster
Claims Investigator
Communications Specialist​030
Consultant, Business Advisory Services​047
Coordinator, Career Pathways Trust Grant Program​045
Coordinator, Momentum Learning​045
Coordinator, Professional Learning and Technology​045
Coordinator, School Facilities Planning
Coordinator, School Safety and Security Services
Coordinator, Student Support Services​045
Cybersecurity Officer​047
Data Center Administrator​044
Database Manager
​Data Scientist
Data Specialist - HRIS
Director, Educational Technology​050
Director, Customer Resource Center
Director, Enterprise Business System
Director, Foster Youth Homeless Education Services
​Director, Classified Human Resources
​Energy and Resource Management Specialist​038
Enterprise Business System Functional Expert - Human Resources or Payroll or Financial​44
​Enterprise Business Systems Implementation Expert- Finance​047
Enterprise Business Systems Implementation Expert- Human Resources -Payroll​047
Enterprise Business Systems Implementation Leader​047
Executive Director, District Financial Services​056
Executive Director, Enterprise Business System (EBS) Project/MITI
Executive Director, Internal Business Services​056
Executive Director, Risk Management
Executive Producer, ITV​047
​Human Resources Data Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
​Instructional Technology Specialist​035
Loss Control Analyst​032
​Manager, Commercial Warrants and Accounts Payable
Manager, Foster Youth and Homeless Education Services
Manager, Grants
Manager, Momentum Learning Support Services
Manager, Payroll Services
Manager, Retirement Systems​044
Organizational Development Specialist​040
​Organizational Effectiveness Specialist038​
Position Control Specialist​038
Program Business Specialist030​
Program Manager, Deferred Compensation​044
Program Manager, FBC​044
Program Manager, Workers' Compensation
​Program Specialist, Prevention and School Safety​035
Program Specialist, Work-based Learning
Program Specialist
Project Manager - Integrated Technology Services​044
Project Specialist
​035 / 038
Project Specialist,  ASES Programs​​035
Project Specialist, ASSETS​035
Project Specialist, Early Education​035
​Project Specialist, Foster Youth Homeless Education Services​035
Project Specialist, Human Resources​035
Project Specialist, Migrant Health and Support Services​035
​Project Specialist, PASS​035
​Project Specialist, PASS AmeriCorps
Project Specialist, Student Mental Health and Well Being
Project Specialist, Work Based Learning
​Project Specialist, Youth Development​035
​School Facilities Planning Analyst​035
School Facilities Planning Specialist​038
​Senior Business Specialist​038
Senior Claims Adjuster​038
Senior Director, Charter Schools
Senior Director, Facility Planning Services
Senior Director, Information Technology​053
Senior Director, Maintenance and Operations​053
Senior Director, Media and Communication Services​053
​Senior Director, Technology Infrastructure & Operations​053
​Senior Loss Control Analyst​035
Senior Manager, After School Programs​047
Senior Manager, Application and Systems Development​047
​Senior Manager, Budget and Accounting​047
Senior Manager, EAP​047
Senior Manager, Financial Accounting and Data Support​047
​Senior Manager, Gang Risk Intervention Program​047
​Senior Manager, Human Resources​047
Senior Manager, Integrated Applications and Systems​047
Senior Manager, Property and Liability Program​047
Senior Manager, Workers' Compensation​047
​Senior Program Business Specialist​038
​Small School District Business Specialist​044
Special Education Financial Analyst​042
​Supervisor I, Food Services Program​030
Supervisor II, Computer Support Services
Supervisor II, Customer Resource Center
Supervisor II, Cybersecurity Services
Supervisor II, Family Involvement Services​034
Supervisor II, Student Support​034
Supervisor III, Benefit Claims
Supervisor III, Credentials and LiveScan Services
​Supervisor III, Graphic Productions​038
Supervisor III, Payroll and Reporting​038
​Supervisor III, Purchasing and Contracts​038
Supervisor III, Retirement Reporting​038
Technology Integration Architect
​Tutor Connection Specialist​030