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​Transfers and Promotions for Management Employees

Lateral Transfers

  • A transfer is an employee initiated movement of a permanent employee to another position in the same classification (or related classification) on the same range of the salary schedule. 
  • Human Resources will determine whether an employee’s current classification is considered “related” and/or if the employee meets the minimum requirements for the position.


  • A promotion is a change in the assignment of an employee from a position in one class to a position in another class with a higher maximum salary rate resulting from competition in an examination or interview for the higher class. 
  • If a vacant position is listed as “promotional only,” there will be a competitive examination or interview in which only qualified permanent employees of the SDCOE or individuals on an appropriate reemployment list may compete.
  • For classified positions, if a vacant position is listed as “open/promotional,” it is open to the public and serves as a promotional opportunity for permanent employees of the SDCOE. Two eligibility lists will be established – one promotional and one open.  The promotional eligibility list will be utilized before candidates from the open eligibility list are certified.

Employee Preference Points

  • If a current SDCOE employee applies for a position that is not listed as promotional only or open/promotional, he/she will receive a credit of one-half point for each full six (6) months of paid service in regular status to a maximum of five (5) points. 

Demotion (classified only)-

  • A permanent employee may request voluntary demotion to a class with a lower maximum salary rate and for which he/she is qualified.
  • Such requests require the approval of the employee’s department head and that of the head of the department of which the employee is assigned.