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Required Coursework for Preliminary Credential Candidates Who Already Hold Clear Credentials

​​​Required Coursework for Preliminary Credential Candidates who Already Hold Clear Credentials 

  • Adult Education Core

Coursework that may also be required, if not previously completed:

Coursework begins after formal recommend or transfer is received, verified, and candidate is accepted into the program.

The registration link for Core is emailed to the candidate once they are recommended for a preliminary credential. Course registration will close at 4:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the course start date.

Candidate may request to withdraw from a course within 48 hours of the course start date/time. Request to withdraw must be received by SDCOE DS within this timeframe. 

Should a candidate enroll and not successfully complete a course, they will not receive a certificate of completion or the registration link to the next course. He or she will be notified by the SDCOE DS program of his or her non-completion status and required to register and pay for future course sessions, until he or she successfully completes the course.