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Special Subjects Teaching Credential Application Materials

This list is to be used when applying for a ROTC or Basic Military Drill credential.  If you are interested in one of the other subjects available on the Special Subject credential, please call our office. 

Use the following guide as a checklist for your application packet. Collect all application materials. Application materials must be submitted through your district credential technician. Apply early, usual processing time is about 4 weeks after our office receives your application. We cannot expedite applications. To print applications, click on the application.

  • Credential Program Application  –  Required of all applicants (Information can be typed directly onto this application and then printed or you may print and fill it out by hand.) 
  • CTC Credential Application  –  Required of all applicants
  • Verification of LiveScan fingerprinting  –  (First time credential applicants only). If you are employed in San Diego County, you will also need to be fingerprinted for the Clearinghouse. Please print two copies of Clearinghouse Fingerprint Form.pdf and bring with you.
  • Temporary County Certificate Application – Only for teachers at public school districts, contact your employer to obtain the correct form for your county of employment (NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2017, Assembly Bill 1918 will require a Certificate of Clearance on file at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing prior to activation of any Temporary County Certificates (TCC). Applicants for the 30 day Substitute Permit will not need to apply for the Certificate of Clearance as the Permit is typically granted quickly and does not need a Temporary County Certificate. To apply for a Certificate of Clearance, applicants must complete LiveScan fingerprinting (41-LS and Clearinghouse) and then apply online at the Commission of Teachers Credentialing website. The fee for this document is $52.50. Once the Certificate of Clearance is granted, the applicant may apply for their regular credential/permit through our office and claim a $50 fee credit by submitting a copy of the Certificate of Clearance.)
  • Intent and Acknowledgement Form
  • Verification of 4 years of Experience (if ROTC  –  experience must be verified by the branch of service; if Basic Military Drill  – experience must be verified by the Adjunct General)
  • Recommendation from appropriate agency (if ROTC  –  recommendation must be from the branch of service; if Basic Military Drill  –  recommendation must be from the Adjunct General)
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Verification
  • Official Transcripts  –  showing successful completion of course, or exam meeting U.S. Constitution requirement (if US Constitution requirement is not met, you will be recommended for a 1 year Preliminary.  An additional application will be necessary after the requirement is met). Courses that would typically fulfill this requirement are U.S. History through 1865 or Introduction to American Government.  ​
  • Applicable fee: $100 cashier's check or money order payable CTC

If at any time you have questions about this application process, please contact the credential technician at your employing school district.