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Supervision and Coordination Credential

What is Supervision and Coordination?

Supervision and Coordination credentials are used to provide services in Designated Subjects programs in some school districts.  This credential authorizes the holder to supervise and coordinate subjects and classes in all types of Designated Subjects programs.  This credential does not authorize the holder to supervise teachers as an Administrative credential is required to do so. The CTC website has more information about the Administrative credential. 

It is important to remember a few key things when applying for this credential:

  • To qualify for our Supervision and Coordination Program credential, you must have a Clear Designated Subjects Credential in any subject area.
  • There is no Preliminary Credential for a Supervision and Coordination Credential. Once your coursework is completed, you are issued a clear Supervision and Coordination credential.
  • You must complete all requirements in applying for the clear credential, including completing the Supervision and Coordination course offered through our program.

If you qualify for the Supervision and Coordination credential and would like to enroll in the coursework, please contact the designated subjects program at 858-292-3507 or 

Supervision and Coordination Coursework

The SDCOE Supervision and Coordination Credential Program is 100% online. 

The following course is for candidates who currently hold a valid Clear Designated Subjects credential. 

  • Supervision and Coordination

Candidate may request to withdraw from a course within 48 hours of the course start date/time. Request to withdraw must be received by SDCOE DS within this timeframe. 

Should a candidate enroll and not successfully complete a course, they will not receive a certificate of completion or the registration link to the next course. He or she will be notified by the SDCOE DS program of his or her non-completion status and required to register and pay for future course sessions, until he or she successfully completes the course.

Clear Application Materials

Application Materials for Clear Credential Candidates


Supervision and Coordination Credential Requirements​​