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Supervision and Coordination Credential

What is Supervision and Coordination?

Supervision and Coordination credentials are used to provide services in Designated Subjects programs in some school districts.  This credential authorizes the holder to supervise and coordinate subjects and classes in all types of Designated Subjects programs.  This credential does not authorize the holder to supervise teachers as an Administrative credential is required to do so. The CTC website has more information about the Administrative credential. 

It is important to remember a few key thing when applying for this credential:

  1. To qualify for our Supervision and Coordination Program credential, you must have a Clear Designated Subjects Credential in any subject area.
  2. There is no Preliminary Credential for a Supervision and Coordination Credential. Once your coursework is completed, you are issued a clear Supervision and Coordination credential.
  3. You must complete all requirements in applying for the clear credential, including completing the Supervision and Coordination course offered through our program.

All employment decisions, including but not limited to, hiring, the employment process, and salary schedules, are made locally by individual school districts. To inquire about employment in any school district, please contact the administrator in the school district(s) for which you wish to teach. 

Once you are offered a position, the school administrator will refer you to a Credential Technician or Human Resources Analyst in their Human Resources department. That technician will assist you with your employment paperwork and your credential paperwork at the same time. Please click the link below for the application materials. That page contains all the application materials necessary to apply. You will turn in your packet directly to staff in your employer’s Human Resources department. Ask them to forward your application to our office to process for recommendation.

Application Materials

Application Materials for Clear Credential Candidates

Supervision and Coordination Coursework

Supervision and Coordination Coursework for Current Clear Credential Holders​


Supervision and Coordination Credential Requirements​​

**Please contact Project Specialist Michael R. Gomez with coursework questions.

Michael R. Gomez