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Adult Education Credential Information

What is Adult Education?

Adult Education programs offer their communities both state-supported general education courses and community education fee-based classes. State-supported classes can include GED/diploma preparation, English as second language and citizenship courses, parent education, vocational education, and courses for older adults. Community education classes cover a wide selection of interests from art, music and dance, to languages, business and finance, and computer education.

What will I be teaching?

Adult education offers state-supported general education instruction in many areas including:

  • ​Elementary Basic Skills
  • English as a Second Language
  • High School Subjects
  • Citizenship
  • Parent Education

  • ​Health & Safety Education
  • Adults with Disabilities
  • Career Technical Education
  • Older Adult Programs
  • Home Economics Education

Standardized outlines are available for most courses. These are your guidelines for developing your course curriculum. Community Education course subjects are numerous and varied. They are developed to reflect the needs and interests of the community their program serves. 

DS Program Handbook

Application Materials

​Application Materials​​ for Preliminary Credential Candidates​​

Application Materials for Clear Credential Candidates

Adult Education Coursework

The SDCOE Adult Ed Credential Program is 100% online.

Adult Education Coursework for Current Clear Credential Holders​

Adult Education Coursework for Preliminary Credential Candidates​​

Coursework begins after formal recommend or transfer is received, verified, and candidate is accepted into the program.


Adult Education Credential Requirements​​