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Special Subjects Credential Information

What is a Special Subjects Teaching Credential?

Specifically, this credential authorizes teaching in programs such as:  Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Driver Education, and Aviation. These programs are not offered in all districts, and credential requirements and necessary experience are very specific. 

Although Special Subjects credentials are used to teach classes like Cadet Corps and Driver’s Education, the majority of Special Subjects credential holders teach in ROTC classes in school districts throughout California. 

All employment decisions are made locally by individual school districts, including, but not limited to, hiring, the employment process, and salary schedules. To inquire about teaching in any school district, please contact the administrator in the school district(s) for which you wish to teach. 

Once you are offered a position, the school administrator will refer you to a Credential Technician or Human Resources Analyst in their Human Resources department. That technician will assist you with your employment paperwork and your credential paperwork at the same time. Please click the link below for Application Materials. That page contains all the application materials necessary to apply. You will turn in your packet directly to staff in your employer’s Human Resources department. Ask them to forward your application to our office to process for recommendation.

DS Program Handbook

Application Materials

Application Materials for Preliminary Credential Candidates

Application Materials for Additional 4 Year Preliminary Credential Candidates

Application Materials for Clear Credential Candidates

Special Subjects Coursework

The SDCOE Special Subjects (CTE) Credential Program is 100% online.

Special Subjects Coursework for Current Clear Credential Holders​

Special Subjects Coursework for Preliminary Credential Candidates​​

Special Subjects coursework falls under the CTE path. You will be participating in CTE coursework, relevant to your special subjects setting. Coursework begins after formal recommend or transfer is received, verified, and candidate is accepted into the program.


Special Subjects Credential Requirements​​