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Fingerprinting Services

Due to COVID-19, our offices are only accepting appointments for Credentialing and Livescan Services at the Linda Vista location only. We will not be accepting walk-ins. Please make an appointment here. We are booked about 2-3 weeks in advance, so if you need prints done prior to that, please email us at for other Livescan locations, questions about Credentials, Fingerprinting or appointments. If you are printing for 2 separate agencies (like CTC's 41-LS and SDCOE's Clearinghouse), you will need to make 2 appointments. Thank you.  

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, Assembly Bill 1918 requires a Certificate of Clearance on file at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing prior to activation of any Temporary County Certificates. 

Applicants for the 30-day substitute permit will not need to apply for the Certificate of Clearance as the permit is typically granted quickly and does not need a Temporary County Certificate

To apply for a Certificate of Clearance, applicants must complete Live Scan fingerprinting (41-LS and Clearinghouse) and then apply online at the Commission of Teacher Credentialing website. The fee for this document is $52.50. Once the Certificate of Clearance is granted, the applicant may apply for their regular credential/permit through our office and claim a $50 fee credit by submitting a copy of the Certificate of Clearance. View this document for further information. To watch a video from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing about applying for a Certificate of Clearance, click here.

Note: The Department of Justice has discontinued the use of the Dual Reporting fingerprint form. You will now be required to be fingerprinted twice.

​​Live Scan electronic fingerprinting services are currently available Monday through Friday at two locations​. We encourage you to make an appointment or visit us during walk-in hours as noted below. Please check ahead for holiday office closures as noted on the appointment calendar.

San Diego County Office Of Education

Address: 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111-7399​

Room 104

Appointments Only: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.​​ 

​See appointment calendar for availability.​​

Phone: 858-298-2194

North County Regional Education Center - Currently CLOSED

Address: 255 Pico Avenue, San Marcos, CA 92069​

Room 102

Walk-in hours: CLOSED

​See appointment calendar for availability.​​

Phone: 858-298-2194

Please bring the following to your appointment

  • Fingerprint Forms
    • Two copies of the Live Scan Form (photocopy service may not be available.)  If you are being fingerprinted for your employer, they will provide you with the appropriate Live Scan forms.
  • Payment
    • Money order or cashier's check payable to SDCOE for your fingerprint fee. The fingerprint fee is separate from an application fee for a credential, certificate or permit. 
  • Valid Identification

Fingerprinting Requirements



California public school employees must be fingerprinted and a criminal background clearance must be received by the employing school district and county office prior to new employees rendering paid service. 

Individuals who have been convicted of serious and/or violent crimes are precluded from being hired by California public school districts. Individuals who are awaiting trial for serious and/or violent crimes are also precluded from rendering service in California public schools until the matter has been legally concluded. 

Credential applicants who have not previously been fingerprinted for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) through a college or university, other County Office of Education in California, or by means of fingerprint cards sent directly to the CTC, must submit fingerprints using the 41-LS Fingerprint Form.

Substitute teachers with valid California teaching credentials or permits who have only been fingerprinted for the CTC and who are working in more than one district in San Diego County should be fingerprinted using the San Diego County Schools Fingerprint Clearinghouse Request for Live Scan Service Form. This allows the substitute to seek employment in all 42 districts in San Diego County without being printed again for each district. 

The 41-LS Fingerprint Form and the Clearinghouse Live Scan forms are available in PDF format. These two forms are available online for ease of downloading at the time a fingerprint appointment is made. Please bring two copies.

The 41-LS Fingerprint Form is for first time credential, emergency substitute permit or child development permit applicants seeking a fingerprint clearance for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. To obtain a Temporary County Certificate, you must have the Clearinghouse Fingerprints (see below).  The fee is $76 payable by money order or cashiers check only.

Clearinghouse is for applicants seeking part-time or limited term employment in any public school district in San Diego County only. It does not include Commission on Teacher Credentialing clearance. The fee is $59 payable by money order or cashiers check only.

Clearinghouse with FBI is primarily used for classified employees such as Walk-on-Coaches or Interns. 

Live Scan services are also provided for school districts, charter schools and other agencies. You may select from the appropriate drop down menu.

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