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Interested in increasing Employee Engagement, Development and Job Satisfaction?

SDCOE’s Classified Evaluation project is a collaborative process to create local performance management systems that fosters employee growth, engagement and job satisfaction.

This project engages district or charter school teams to examine the current evaluation system through the following components of effective systems:

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Performance criteria

  • Goal setting

  • Multiple measures

  • Meaningful feedback

  • Qualified evaluators

  • Professional development

Program Opportunities:

  • Receive ongoing facilitation and resources throughout the development process

  • Engage in a team-learning process facilitated by SDCOE staff

  • Enhance labor and management relationships

  • Shift the culture of evaluation to employee growth & development

Program Requirements:

  • Establish a joint agreement to participate between employee association and district leadership

  • Select a team with equal representation from association members and administrators

  • Participate in monthly facilitated work sessions

  • Establish a growth-based performance management system


  • Free to San Diego County Districts and Charter Schools

Start date:

  • Program start date determined by district or charter school.

Download  a flyer: Classified Evaluation Project

For more information contact:

Jill Tellier, Coordinator