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Coach Requirements, Expectations and Responsibilities

As a coach within the commission approved SDCOE AASE program, it is important to recognize the importance of my role in assisting candidates in successfully attaining an added authorization within one year of enrollment. The coach requirements, expectations and responsibilities include:

  • Provide a minimum of 15 hours support to the candidate for a stipend of $600

  • Keep a monthly log of hours spent working with each candidate

  • Attend and participate in coach training and scheduled meetings

  • Communicate with assigned candidate at the start of the program and again, during the last two months of coursework.

  • Provide assigned candidate with guidance, assistance, and information that builds on the candidate's experience

  • Meet with the candidate for at least 15 hours to assist in meeting program requirements including:

  • Complete at least two observations looking specifically for elements of the added authorization standards that have been met. Both observations will include a pre- and post- observation conversation.

  • Collaborate with the candidate to identify professional development needs and resources.

  • Facilitate candidate's timely completion of required evidence

  • Notify program leadership should concerns about program completion arise

  • Review candidate portfolio and recommend the portfolio to the AASE advisory committee for review

  • ​Comply with all program requests for information.​

  • Coach Journey

​​If you are interested in being an AASE Coach click here.​​