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RICA Preparation (Online and self-paced, no instructor)

The San Diego County Office of Education, Teacher Effectiveness and Preparation unit, in collaboration with Point Loma Nazarene University offers you this online and self-paced "review and preparation" experience before taking the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment® (RICA®).

Where state and local regulations and guidance permit, the California-based Pearson VUE-owned test centers (PPCs) have reopened for California Educator Credentialing Assessments.  Test centers are open, and seats are available throughout the State of California.  Important health and safety considerations are also outlined on the California Educator Credentialing Assessments examination webpage.

Who needs this preparation course?

 The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires that all teacher candidates pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment® (RICA®) prior to being recommended for their preliminary credential.

*because of COVID-19, any candidate whose RICA testing opportunities were/are affected between March 31-August 1, 2020 may apply for their preliminary credential without that exam satisfied and now must pass the RICA in order to apply for the Clear Teaching Credential). Read the announcement and Executive Order here 

This preparation is a review of concepts and does not replace the preparation, or rich funds of knowledge offered through a teacher preparation reading course.  This course is for you if some time has passed since you took your reading course, or you have taken the exam and have not passed.

Do I need any other materials?

Ready for RICA, by James Zarrillo, 4th Edition, is referred to during different sections of the preparation videos so you can go deeper on the topics you are less familiar with.

Case Studies in Preparation for the RICA), by Rossi and Schipper, is recommended only if you have already taken the test once and want a more intense, workbook style preparation.

 RICA Test Prep Books.png

You are encouraged to acquire one or both of these texts or use the text from your teacher preparation program reading course to go back and review each concept as it is addressed in the videos for further studying, if needed.

What does the course review?

The course reviews each competency assessed by the RICA in personal video style, a format where you can review and easily revisit each distinct topic:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Concepts About Print
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Balanced Literacy
  • Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Assessment

Each topic is approximately 30 minutes of direct instruction via video. We suggest you start and stop the video to review and study concepts as you need to, and individuals will spend varying amounts of time based on specific need. You will also gain test taking strategies and links to sign up for the test when ready.

What is the cost?

The current course is being offered FOR FREE!

Register for the Free RICA Prep Course Here

Upon registration, keep an eye out for the automatic email response that will include the RICA course URL. Save the URL for future access to the materials 

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