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Single Subject Intern Credential Program

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Program Vision

The SDCOE Intern Program provides learning opportunities that support the development of innovative and reflective practitioners committed to enacting socially just educational experiences for all.

Program Structure

The program is designed around experiential learning.  Much of these principles originated from John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, and Jean Piaget and can be encompassed in David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model that focuses on a meaning-making process through direct experiences where the learner is actively involved, must reflect, analyze and conceptualize experiences to then make decisions and problem solve to develop new ideas.  The intern program coursework delivery model is 100% Online with a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous learning.  As COVID restrictions change, there is a possibility of occasional face-to-face meetings.  The courses in the intern program are 8 weeks long and designed based on the principles of experiential learning where candidates will learn new information through the asynchronous component, apply their new learning to their classroom, and reflect upon their experiences and student data while collaborating with the instructor and classmates during the synchronous portion of the course.

Program Prerequisites

In order to begin the two year Single Subject Intern program candidates must: 

  1. Enroll in Preservice:
    1. Possess a bachelor’s degree
    2. Be a first-time intern credential applicant
    3. Attain a certificate of clearance
    4. Pass the basic skills requirements: California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or equivalent
    5. Complete 120 hours of preservice courses OR hold a current California multiple subject, single subject, or education specialist teaching credential 
    6. Recommendation by preservice instructors
  2. Subject matter competency in math or science (CSET or equivalent)
  3. Signed offer of employment by school or district of at least 50%  
  4. U.S. Constitution (exam or coursework) 

Preservice is a series of courses across 12 weeks and 120 hours that provides the fundamentals to being in a classroom and working with students. Candidates who already hold a California multiple subject, single subject or education specialist credential may have some preservice requirements waived. Preservice coursework touches on three fundamental categories of teaching in preparation for your assignment within the classroom:

  • Teaching English Learners, Reading, and Language Arts
  • Human Development and Classroom Management Planning
  • Subject Specific Pedagogy
Each course is 4 weeks long and will meet virtually every Wednesday night from 4:00-8:00. Additional work will be completed asynchronously each week. 

Upon completing preservice coursework and meeting the basic skills and subject matter competency requirements, you are now intern eligible.  Once intern eligible, a candidate is able to attain a position in the credential area.  The program assists candidates in developing resumes and cover letters, setting up an EdJoin profile, and preparing for interviews. Candidates will pursue employment with program support however the program cannot guarantee all candidates will find employment as an intern.  

Intern program

Once employed, an intern candidate is eligible to enroll in the intern program for the credential area of interest as part of a cohort.   Interns will be assigned a mentor at their school site and a clinical supervisor through the program.  Instructors, clinical supervisors, mentors and program staff communicate and collaborate on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of support is provided to each candidate.  Candidates have the option to pay tuition in monthly installments. 

Steps to becoming an intern

Step One: Information Session and Application

If interested in learning more about the single subject intern program, please sign up to attend a live Informational Session via Zoom. If you find you are interested and qualify, here are the steps that follow:

  1. Complete the application (sent to you after attending the info session)
  2. Include required attachments to application: university transcripts verifying bachelor's degree, basic skills/CBEST, and certificate of clearance (fingerprints)
  3. If accepted, submit a non-refundable application fee of $300 (applied toward preservice)

Step Two: Preservice Coursework

After acceptance, prospective interns must successfully complete 120 hours of preservice coursework offered in our TEP Preservice Program.  To begin Preservice you will:
  • Attend an Intake Meeting at which time you will pay a $300 deposit
  • Submit $900 tuition (may be done in 3 installments)
  • Complete 120 hours of preservice coursework (synchronous and asynchronous online format)

Step Three: Complete Final Requirements

Prior to being accepted to the intern portion of the program, prospective interns must also provide verification of:
  • Subject Matter/CSET (must pass a minimum of two subtests to be accepted into the program)
  • US Constitution
  • Offer of Employment from Local School District/Agency

Step Four: Begin Intern Program

Once all above requirements have been met, the applicant's intern credential will be submitted to CTC and the intern will begin the two-year program alongside their employment.

To attend one of the online Intern Information Sessions 

Sign up here

Dates to choose from:

January 13, 2022

February 8, 2022

March 3, 2022

Via Zoom from 4:00 - 5:00pm.

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