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Administrators play an important role in the success of new teachers. School and district administrators who​ support new teachers in becoming fully qualified and credentialed, increase new teacher retention rates and improve the quality of educational experiences for students.

As we continue to navigate Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and an increasing percentage of teachers eligible for retirement, it will be important to plan ahead for new hires in the years to come.  In anticipation, the SDCOE Teacher Induction program wants to provide you with some information to assist in planning preliminary budgets with regards to California Teacher Induction for your newly-hired teachers.

Administrators increase the success of teachers participating in the SDCOE Teacher Induction program in a variety of ways. Thank you for your support of new teachers and for your ongoing dedication to their success!

Here are a few important highlights regarding ways school and district administrators support their new teachers:​

  • ​Work with the District Lead to select Mentors who mee​​t selection criteria

  • Ensure all Mentors understand their responsibilities to and the requirements of the SDCOE Teacher Induction Program outlined in the Mentor Memorandum of Understanding, including mandatory attendance to training for all new Mentors.​

  • Identify as soon as possible al​​​l eligible Teacher Candidates 

  • Match Teacher Candidate with Mentors within 30 days of enrollment, following district approved mentor selection procedures. (Preferred match includes same site and similar grade level, credential authorization, and subject matter)

  • Conduct initial Site Orientation for Teacher Candidates to inform them about site and district resources, personnel, health and safety, and special education policies and procedures

  • Limit extracurricular duties for both Teacher Candidates and Mentors

  • Provide release time for classroom observations for Teacher Candidates and Mentors

  • Understand that the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) the candidate develops during the two year program is designed and implemented solely for the professional growth and development of the teacher candidate and not for evaluation purposes.

  • ​Attend Advisory Committee meetings and participate in required accreditation activities

  • Sign an agreement with SDCOE that explains the school's and SDCOE's responsibilities, including financial options.

An administrator’s awareness and acceptance of this supportive, non-evaluative and growth minded approach to Teacher Candidate mentoring, provides teachers with a sense of collegiality and security during their critical first years in the profession. 

San Diego County Office of Education is committed to providing quality teacher induction services.  The program provides preliminary credential holders the support they need through regular mentoring, developing personalized professional growth goals aligned with school and district goals, implemented through the ILP that is required for program completion. Currently, SDCOE's Teacher Induction program serves over 60 districts and schools across the region, and we look forward to your partnership.​​