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Emory Elementary teacher and students working on computers

Teacher Effectiveness and Preparation

Most SDCOE Teacher Effectiveness and Preparation programs will continue to operate during the COVID-19 school closures. Please click on the individual program links below to review their specific details. Due to the closure, the best form of communication at this time is via e-mail.

The SDCOE Teacher Effectiveness and Preparation team provides multiple programs that address pre-service preparation, advanced teacher credentials and authorizations, and professional learning for educators.  These programs have been developed in response to requests from districts across San Diego County and the state.  We collaborate with highly effective educators in the field who have expertise in their craft to develop quality programs that are responsive to district, teacher, student, and community needs.  Each of the programs below continuously examine feedback from stakeholders to ensure responsiveness to widespread needs.

We invite you to look over each of the programs below and contact our office should you have any questions.