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Mentoring 2.0

How will you ensure your mentors are continuing to push their practice to the next level?


San Diego County Office of Education Teacher Effectiveness and Preparation Unit built Mentoring 2.0 as an online experience to help districts satisfy CTC program standards related to ongoing training for mentors.  

Preliminary Credential Programs Standard 3; Common Standard 3; Teacher Induction Program Standard 4 calls for recent and ongoing training in various areas of coaching and classroom pedagogy for anyone supervising preservice teachers, intern teachers and beginning teachers.  

The content is ideal for mentors with prior mentoring experience, peer mentors, PAR mentors or any educator in the role of supporting, teaching and learning.

The training covers 8 hours of content completed at your own pace over 4 weeks, completely online managed by a facilitator/instructor, and delivered in three distinct modules covering:70_SDCOE Preschool.JPG

  • Developing a coaching stance

  • Multiple coaching supports

  • Understanding and valuing adult learners

  • Goal setting

  • Managing difficult coaching situations 

Each Mentor receives a badge of certification that is portable as evidence of having been trained, and any district participating will have access to their database of Mentors and their training dates (for accreditation purposes).

Register Here for Session 10

January 10 - April 22, 2022

​                                                          *  $50.00 per participant (paid by preparation program if your participation is required)

                                                          *  Optional 3 units of university credit

                                                          *  Purchase orders and credit cards are accepted.

                                                          *  Credit card payment links are sent after registering.

If you have any questions regarding registration please email Shadiera Ruoss


Shadiera Ruoss

Program Secretary



Janna Anderson

Project Specialist

Conni Campbell, Ed.D.