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Mentors: SDCOE Teacher Induction program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Being a mentor is a highly rewarding position. ​Not only do you have the opportunity to support another teacher throughout his/her first two years of the profession, you also receive training and experience that will make you an asset to your school community. SDCOE Teacher Induction provides mentor training and ongoing support to ensure the best support is provided for both Teacher Candidates and Mentors. ​​SDCOE’s Teacher Induction​ Program is accredited through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. As accountability is high, the program relies heavily on mentors committed to both teacher and student success. Your role within our program is especially important to program candidates; with your support, teachers within the program will use the plan, teach/assess, reflect, apply cycle to become more reflective teachers, improve their practice and student learning. They will also earn a clear credential upon successful program completion.  ​

We ask that Mentors commit to the following:

  1. Participate and successfully complete the required Online Mentor Initial Training course​. (See timeline at bottom of page.)
  2. Participate in SDCOE LMS training, verification meetings, and other professional development activities as required. 
  3. Develop a trusting, meaningful, non-evaluative and supportive relationship with the Teacher Candidate characterized by openness, sharing, confidentiality, and reflective conversations.
  4. Willingness and ability to be an excellent professional role model with effective interpersonal and communicative skills.
  5. Provide support for the Teacher Candidate that builds on pre-service education and classroom experiences, and leads to effective and reflective professional practice. (growth mindset)
  6. Knowledge of State Standards, English Language Learners, special education, equity and other educational practices relevant to the Teacher Candidate's teaching context.
  7. Assist and monitor the Teacher Candidate in completing action research, gathering evidence, and completing all program completion requirements to be submitted through SDCOE's LMS within the given timeline.
  8. Review Teacher Candidate work to ensure it is complete and meets requirements prior to the review and submission of work in SDCOE's LMS (Verification Meetings)
  9. Make contact with each assigned Teacher Candidate for approximately one hour each week of the school year to provide support in meeting program requirements and just in time needs of the candidate. This contact includes classroom observations, reflections, coaching conversations, action research support, evidence completion, email, phone calls and any other contact as needed to assist the participating teacher in successfully meeting program requirements.
  10. Communicate regularly with the District Lead should any questions or issues arise.
  11. Complete surveys, logs and document reviews as required by the program.

​Requirements to be a Mentor:

  1. ​​​​A cleared California credential

  2. ​​​Three or more years of full-time teaching (not including student teaching or Interning)​

  3. Required Training​:​ Mentor training is required for all Mentors who are new to the SDCOE Teacher Induction program. If a Mentor does not successfully complete the Online Mentor Initial Training course, he/she may not be a Mentor. This commitment ensures Teacher Candidates will receive the appropriate level of support.​​

  4. A Mentor should not have a personal relationship with their Teacher Candidate (Personal relationship = family, close friends, spouse)

​​​If you are interested in serving as a Mentor, please contact your Teacher Induction Program Coordinator (District Lead.) Mentors are selected and assigned using a fair and timely process that considers pedagogical needs and local context. This process is monitored consistently.

Mentor Initial Training, Section Timeframe

Enrollment in the Initial Mentor Training course will be ongoing from mid-August to the first week of October. Successful completion is required within 4 weeks of enrollment in the course. This course is asynchronous and fully online. There is an instructor, course required assignments, and due dates. SDCOE will place you in the course section based on the mentor's registration date.

Section 1: August (specific dates TBD)

Section 2: September (specific dates TBD)

Section 3: October (specific dates TBD)