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​Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave

TPSL Online Preparation Program

Purpose of TPSL

To fill assignments where a teacher of record will be out due to an identified statutory leave. The TPSL is not an option to fill teacher vacancies, and shall be restricted to the LEA requesting the permit.

The TPSL is only available at the request of an employing agency. Individuals may not apply directly to the Commission for this document. Please review the information on the CTC TPSL webpage. Holders of the TPSL are restricted to service with the employing agency requesting the permit. The subject areas available for TPSL are multiple subject, single subject and education specialist.

TPSL Registration for Foundations, Intermediate, and Proficient

Next session dates February 14 - March 14, 2022

The TPSL Programs are:

  • Time: 4 weeks in length, approx. 11 hours a week

  • Cost: $300. 

  • The programs are 100% online, cohort-based (if numbers allow), meet TPSL content requirements, and are facilitated by an experienced instructor.

Requirement for TPSL Issuance

  • Possession of a Bachelor's or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university;
  • Satisfaction of the California Basic Skills Requirement 
  • Satisfaction of the TPSL subject-matter requirement; and 
  • Completion of 45 hours of TPSL preparation as defined in regulations
  • Verification from the LEA that orientation, mentoring, and support shall be provided to the permit holder for each statutory leave assignment.

(For closed captions view the video on YouTube.)