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Imagine personalized, immersive learning that fits the needs of each child. For example, instead of reading about places or things, a student can put on a VR headset and truly interact with the subject and make a connection that lasts. 

This is just one way that our world is changing and we can adapt these new technologies to advance student learning, opening up endless opportunities for every child. 

The SDCOE Innovation division is focused on accelerating, scaling, and amplifying the number and speed of innovations from the County Office. Learn more about our programs and projects in the works. 

Together with county, district, and school leaders, students, community members, and industry leaders, we can transform ideas into impactful, innovative solutions to accelerate student achievement and the local economy.

The Innovation team begins this work by fostering an intentional culture of innovation at SDCOE, so we can provide support to district and school leaders, staff members, and students. Learn about new, upcoming events

Join the conversation as we challenge the status quo and think differently to create innovative, bold, and effective programs and services. Let us help you grow a culture of innovation at your site and support the next generation of leaders and thinkers.