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Innovation Programs

The Innovation team is developing programs and services to support innovative thinking, expand opportunities for collaboration, and engage students in new ways. 

Digital Diploma and Universal Transcript Collaborative

With the goal of giving students and staff members ownership of their data, the Innovation team is working toward creating a secure platform to issue and verify academic records in a transparent manner. This would allow users to access digital proof of their education, experience, knowledge and skills from a single location and demonstrate every facet of the applied knowledge.

This includes improving the process of learner credentials, micro credentials, digital badging and certificates. 

We can grow student agency by putting the tools in their hands. A student builds a project in class in this picture.
Students can thrive in creative spaces. Two female middle schoolers build a robot in this picture.

SDCOE Incubator and Idea Challenges

Students and educators need dedicated physical places where they can engage with each other, mentors, and industry leaders around ideas, innovative tools, and practices. 

SDCOE will help catalyze innovation across the region through advocating for digital and innovative learning at schools and supporting educators with innovation in teaching and learning.

Innovation Collaborative and Global Networks

Working regionally to garner support across education and industry, we will ensure that innovation goals remain priorities. SDCOE will help expand the reach of districts by leveraging resources and connecting with a global collaboration network made up of higher education institutions and industry professional and innovators. 

By working together, we can impact student success. Two students work on iPads with anatomy models on their desk in this picture
Career Technical Education and Learning Analytics Districts can partner with SDCOE to design and implement a study of the social

Career Technical Education and Learning Analytics

Districts can partner with SDCOE to design and implement a study of the social and economic impact of innovation in your organization. Create a data collection method, conduct annual evaluations, and gain new metrics to help tell the story of impact of your career pathways and career technical education efforts. 


MESI is an affiliation created to connect and sustain a community of educators interested in learning about, sharing, and experimenting with innovative approaches, mindsets, and pedagogies. We are dedicated to organizing and facilitating events, networks, and experiences that will further maker-centered learning, deep learning connections across subject matter, and inspire curiosity and invention. Learn more at

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