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Professional Learning and Technology Research

The Innovation Division empowers leaders and staffs with technology innovation, effectiveness, and efficiencies. The Professional Learning and Technology Research team coordinates and promotes the development of professional learning opportunities related to technology solutions facilitating the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness related to information technology. Our team researches and leads evaluation of emerging trends in technology and effective uses of technology. There is a dedication to researching and mobilizing innovative, learner-centered, and equitable learning technologies.

As the world of work and learning evolves, this unit focuses on developing modern workplace skill development approaches that support the changing nature of work. Our team is committed to supporting all the ways we learn and thereby supporting innovation, effectiveness, and efficiencies across the Innovation Division, SDCOE, and county school districts. 

The team strives to maximize human and operational resources to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of SDCOE and San Diego County K-12 schools and districts innovative practices to create meaningful change. Through workshops, networks, and coaching, the team supports educators and staff at SDCOE and throughout San Diego county schools to develop, learn from, and scale innovative and effective approaches to serving our districts' diverse and highest-needs students. Through professional learnings, networks and partnerships, we hope to empower education innovation by both seeding innovative promising practices/strategies and bringing proven approaches to scale. Our adult learning model enhances collective teacher efficacy, the collective belief of teachers, administrators, and staff in their ability to positively affect students.

Collective teacher efficacy is the primary factor influencing student achievement.

(John Hattie, Visible Learning, 2018)


Learn about the Professional Learning and Technology Research Department

Our team provides learning opportunities and digital support to educators, administrators, classified staff, and the educational community at large. Does your staff need additional support or resources about Zoom, Canvas LMS, Google Suite, Office 365, Screencasting, Digital Accessibility, or other trending technology tools? Access more than 225 free asynchronous trainings and resources on our Innovative Digital Learning repository, a site where educators can explore technology tools that enable teaching and learning from anywhere. Whether you are teaching virtually, blended, or in-person, these technology resources will support educators to improve and customize instruction for all students. Our Innovative Digital Learnings are centered around the National Equity Project’s Liberatory Design principles to increase innovation and equitable learning practices for distance learning. 

The team has also collaborated  with educational experts to provide distance learning resources that are published online through the COVID-19 SDCOE Website, which provides a comprehensive list of subject-specific resources to support distance learning and includes guidance, planning materials,  training, and ongoing professional learning for schools and districts.

Our PLTR Distance Learning Training hyperdoc includes all the customizable trainings we currently offer to districts to expand their professional learning. Districts and staff members who are interested in more information can sign up to receive ongoing updates and request customized training.

PLTR Support For All

Learn more about all our offerings by watching this video.


Innovative Digital Learning Micro-courses

Learn new skills and earn digital badges.


Innovative Digital Learning Micro-courses.pngThe San Diego County Office of Education Innovation Division is offering educators, administrators, and district staff more than 60 professional learning micro-courses to help with online or in-person teaching, technology, and other professional growth. The Canvas Catalog of Innovative Digital Learning Micro-courses features live and personalized learning opportunities that provide resources, best practices, technology tools, and guided support for educators, district staff, and administrators. These micro-courses offer flexibility WHEN and WHERE you learn.

Staff can learn and earn digital badges on the latest tools and resources to enhance distance learning. Course offerings include primers on a variety of technology tools, such as Zoom, Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Canvas. There are also new monthly courses continuously added to provide resources on social-emotional learning, accessibility tools, culturally responsive instruction, and online student engagement strategies. Most courses take about two hours to complete to offer flexibility for fitting into educators' schedules. There are also office hours available to support those enrolled in the courses. Most of the courses are $25, and several courses are free. Annual subscriptions are also available to access more than 30 courses. Innovative Digital Micro-courses are LIVE right now., click on the link to see all the offerings and learn more by watching this video.


Innovative Digital Learning Webinar Repository

We will continue curating and offering Innovative Digital Learning professional learning opportunities for educators and administrators using Zoom and Canvas tools. During this time of uncertainty and concern, it is critical that we, as educators, continue providing learning opportunities and digital support to students, families, and the education community as a whole. We encourage educators and administrators to learn more about our resources.


San Diego County Office of Education COVID-19 Website

To help facilitate this transition, several divisions of the San Diego County Office of Education have collaborated to provide distance learning resources that are published online through the SDCOE COVID-19 Website. This website provides a comprehensive list of subject-specific resources to support distance learning, along with planning materials, sample daily schedules, and free video conferencing tools that you can use immediately. The archived and upcoming Innovative Distance Learning webinars include: best practices to ensure equity through distance learning, digital learning resources, digital tools to support multilingual learners, social and emotional learning resources, accessibility and adaptive tools to support specialized learners, free online tools, San Diego community resources for collaborating and learning, and trending technology tools for communication and productivity.

Professional Learning Services

Design Thinking

Design Thinking Professional Learnings and Experiences

Liberatory Design — Toolkit for Designing for Equity

Engaging in Empathy with the Student Shadowing Project

Technology and Productivity 

Productivity and Collaboration Tools for Administrators and Educators

Trending Technology Tools for Educators (including the following)

  • Top 10 Trending Tools
  • Zoom into Excellence
  • Office 365 Training, Coaching, and Support
  • Ways AI is Built into Office 365
  • Channel your Communication with Slack 
  • Engage, Collaborate, and Empower with FlipGrid
  • Visual Notetaking: Beginners Guide to Sketchnote
  • Flip Learning with Edpuzzle
  • Padlet for Collaborative Learning
  • Adobe Creative Suite Training Lab 
  • AI Drawing Made Easy with AutoDraw

Equity and Accessibility

Website and Content Accessibility Training

Creating Accessible Documents, Presentations and Mixed Media

Content Accessibility 101: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PDF, and Mixed Media

Learning Management System

Canvas LMS Course Development and Tech Integration

Canvas Administrator Training

Canvas Instructor Training

Canvas Course Designer Training

Camp Canvas for Staff

Coding in Schools

Coding in the Classroom Professional Learning

Management and Support

SDCOE Learning Hub — SDCOE Internal Training and Resource Repository 

SDCOE OMS Management and Support

SDCOE Canvas LMS Management and Support