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Career Integration

There are many different ways to integrate Careers into any classroom or program.  Take a look at the resources and strategies below for more information. 

Here is a handout on Careers in Context 

Career Exploration

Students take time to explore the many careers available to them. There are opportunities to search by interest, salary, educational program and more!

Career Connection & Integration

Connect projects and activities to real world careers, or find activities that already have a career connection. Project based learning with a career connection is an amazing way to engage students.

Work-Based Learning

Ensure students get career exposure by bringing in industry experts as guest speakers or project mentors, or get students into the workplace through industry tours, job shadows and internships.

Essential Skill Building

Students need more than academic knowhow to be successful in the workplace.  Help them self evaluate and set goals for growth.

Career Pathway Planning

Give students the opportunity to plan out their career pathway and consider some essential questions such as: What programs are there to support their education?  What costs are associated and what is the ROI?

Looking for more information?  Take a look at our Careers In Context Presentation and feel free to adapt it to your needs, or let us know if you'd like us to present to your team.