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Counselor Resources Career Pathways

From initial student recruitment and placement within a pathway, to retention of students throughout a course sequence to identifying the right post-secondary opportunities, counselors are an essential component to career pathway success for students.

Whether you are new to pathway work, or you have been engaged in pathways for years, there are a few steps to take to enhance student engagement as well as college and career readiness.

Get to know the pathways at your site. Meet with pathway teachers to find out more about the program and course sequence so you can answer questions and drive students into the right pathways. Find out about work-based learning and projects that students will be engaged in, as well as the post-secondary pathways the high school sequence leads towards. Work together on appropriate marketing and communication materials to distribute to students and parents who are interested in the pathways. If possible, join in on their pathway meetings to add your perspective and collaborate on support and transitions for pathway students.

Become familiar with labor market information (LMI) resources in the region through the San Diego Workforce Partnership websites below. Giving students the opportunity to look at growing jobs with a living wage and find the career pathway that leads to their career is a great way to empower their choices.  

  • The SDWP has a great starting point for LMI exploration here

  • There are also in-depth reports on specific sectors within the San Diego region, including great LMI Posters that you can easily print and post in your counseling center or office at this SDWP site.

Give students opportunities to explore the many career pathways from which they can choose with these resources:

Exploring College Options

  • The Career Education Guide 2019 from the San Diego & Imperial Counties Community Colleges is a fantastic resource for  career related programs in our region. 

Additional Resources