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World Language Dos Orillas

DOS ORILLAS Intercultural Exchange Program

A joint program sponsored by the San Diego County Office of Education and the Education Office of the Consulate of Spain in Los Angeles.

The DOS ORILLAS Intercultural Exchange Program partners schools in San Diego County with similar schools in Spain to provide them with authentic opportunities for meaningful interaction and collaboration in the target languages in the distance learning contexts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current 2020-21 school year is a pilot year with three schools from San Diego County and three from Spain participating in the program.

​San Diego County


  • ​Maie Ellis Elementary School (Fallbrook Union Elementary School District)
  • El Capitán High School (Grossmont Union High School District) 
  • Rancho Bernardo High School (Poway Unified School District)
  • ​CEIP Pancho Cossío (Cantabria)
  • IES Tirso de Molina (Madrid)
  • IES Josep Miquel Guàrdia, Alaior (Menorca)

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the DOS ORILLAS program is to provide participating schools opportunities for authentic and meaningful collaboration in the target languages in distance learning contexts. The program seeks to expand horizons, remove barriers and promote communication, intercultural understanding and global competence, through a linguistic, cultural and educational exchange. 

Objectives of the Program

  • To provide an educational, linguistic and cultural exchange between schools in the USA and Spain.
  • To establish international ties and a collaborative framework for participating schools in the County of San Diego and Spain with similar characteristics.
  • To promote the use of the Spanish and English languages in the context of authentic communicative situations for students and teachers. 
  • To advance the development of multicultural and global competencies, and enhance the awareness of diverse sociocultural realities.
  • To support instruction that is aligned to the educational standards of both countries.
  • To facilitate and advance the exchange of educational experiences, resources, materials, methods and best practices among participants.

Program Timeline: September 2020 through April 2021

Additional Benefits of the program

  • Participating schools, teachers and students will receive participation certificates jointly issued by the Agregaduría and San Diego County Office of Education.
  • Collaborative projects that qualify may be published in the journal "Materiales para la enseñanza multicultural", published by the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in the USA.

If you are interested in receiving information about the 2021-2022 edition of the DOS ORILLAS program, please let us know by filling out the interest form below. We will contact you with information when the 2021-2022 application process starts.