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Dual Language Program Design and Support

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A network for educators who enrich children's lives in dual language (DL) programs and support parents' quest for their children to be multilingual, culturally diverse individuals. 

To support dual language programs, we provide:​

  • Professional development, resources and tools to help schools develop successful research-based DL programs,
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities for DL educators and administrators to share best practices, and
  • Technical support to help schools/districts create coherence for their DL programs. 

Dual Language Design Thinking Network (DLDTN)

The Multilingual Education and Global Achievement Department's Dual Language Design Thinking Network (DLDTN) is a collaborative effort supported through a partnership with the California Association for Bilingual Education and Dual Language New Mexico.  This network provides a forum for nation-wide dialogue among dual language leaders that strive to redesign dual language programs as current challenges are addressed, and opportunities are recognized and seized.

DLDTN members come together as they share research, best practices, experiences and knowledge through focused collaboration and powerful networking.  Through this network, we support the needs of local educational agencies going through the process of designing, implementing, sustaining, or expanding a PreK-12 grade dual language program.

Meetings are open to all leaders. The network will meet monthly.

Dual Language Conference 2021

Resources from the Dual Language Conference will be posted here. 

Dual Language Conference Program

Distance Learning Units en Español

The San Diego County Office of Education Curriculum and Instruction (SDCOE), Multilingual Education and Global Achievement (MEGA), and Innovation Departments have collaborated to design distance learning units of study in Spanish for grades K-3 that are focused on grade level essential learnings in each content area. These units were purposefully designed to integrate content, provide flexibility and choice. The units of study connect content in the following areas: ELA/SLA, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Science, Arts, Computer Science, and Physical Education through integrated study. Assessment opportunities (formative and summative) and student feedback are embedded and intentionally developed. These open-source units are being developed in Google to ensure maximum flexibility for districts to use them with their preferred distance learning instructional platform.

              Grado KinderPrimer GradoSegundo GradoTercer Grado

For feedback, questions or comments related to the Spanish adaptation of the SDCOE-California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) English Units, please contact Izela Jacobo.

Dual Language School Site and District Support

The MEGA Department of SDCOE has several experienced administrators and district/school advisors with expertise and practical advice for dual language education and multilingual programs. Each year MEGA offers professional learning opportunities and consultations, albeit school site visitations are currently on hiatus until the resolution of the pandemic.

2020-21 Professional Learning Sessions

Dual Language Immersion Program OrientationDual Language Education Program Orientation

Designed for teachers and administrators new to dual language immersion programs, the live orientation webinar will help grow your understanding of the essential components of highly effective programs. The webinar is led by longtime program experts and held Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings throughout the year for your convenience.

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Dual Language Education 101 Afternoon Series

A professional learning series focused on the development of new dual language programs. This training provides planning teams an opportunity to learn about dual language models, explore research and best practices, and design and establish their own program plan. Includes 3 hours of personalized school or district consulting from curriculum/instruction/administrative experts.

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Dual Language Education 101 Saturday Series

A professional learning series focused on the development of new dual language programs. This training provides planning teams an opportunity to learn about dual language models, explore research and best practices, and design and establish their own program plan. Includes 3 hours of personalized  school or district consulting from curricular/instructional/assessment/administrative experts.

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Dual Language Education 102 Afternoon Series

A professional learning series to strengthen existing dual language programs. Participants will work with the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, focusing on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and accountability. Teams will have opportunities to reflect and plan next steps for continuous improvement. Includes 3 hours of personalized school or district consulting.

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