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More About Title III

‚ÄčTitle III is organized into two local assistance streams: subgrants for students learning English as a second language and subgrants for eligible immigrant students. Funds may be used to support a wide array of instructional and support services for English learners, immigrant students, and their families. Districts are required to provide high-quality professional development to classroom teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel in order to improve instruction and assessment of limited-English-proficient students.

Educational agencies that receive Title III funds are reviewed each year, as required under the Elementary Secondary Education Act, to see if they meet the three annual measurable achievement objectives for their English-language learners.  If an agency does not meet one or more of the three objectives then it must follow certain requirements, which include developing an implementation plan after two years and modifying curricula, programs, and methods of instruction after missing goals for four years.

The San Diego County Office of Education is the Region 9 Title III lead for San Diego, Orange, and Imperial counties. In that role, it provides technical support to agencies that have not met Title III targets.  SDCOE assists agencies with the completion, implementation, and monitoring of the Title III plans for agencies that have failed to meet Title III targets for two and four consecutive years.