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Project GLAD supports

Project GLAD®

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD®) is a model of professional learning in the area of language acquisition and literacy for grades K-12. 

The strategies and model promote English language acquisition, academic achievement, and cross-cultural awareness. GLAD® develops meta-cognitive skills along with high-level, academic language and literacy. It's an instructional model with clear, practical strategies that promote positive, effective interactions among students and between teachers and students. The Project GLAD® National Training Center is located at the Orange County Department of Education in Costa Mesa.

New!  Project GLAD® 2-Day Research & Theory Workshop

Project GLAD® integrates the California standards according to the California ELA/ELD FrameworkProject GLAD® 2-Day Research & Theory Workshop Flyer

Project GLAD® thematic unit design and engaging strategies emphasize comprehensible input to build academic language and literacy through interaction with teacher-created poetry, informational texts, and narratives.

Three sessions to choose from:

$470 - per individual (materials and resources included)

Please note this workshop is a *pre-requisite to the in-classroom demonstration.  All sessions will be held on a Tues. and Fri. from 9 to 12 Noon.

GLAD® in Any Language

The GLAD® instructional model is easily modified to meet the needs of students in any language of instruction, making it a premier pedagogical approach for dual-language education.  Many dual language and world language programs in San Diego have therefore provided Project GLAD®​ training to all their K-12 teachers. ​

Professional Learning

The San Diego County Office of Education is pleased to be able to offer the Tier I Professional Learning for Project GLAD® according to the Orange County Department of Education's National Training Center Model, which consists of: 

  • A prerequisite, two-day research and theory workshop where participants receive the Project GLAD® Learning Guide outlining all the GLAD® strategies within the model.
  • An in-classroom demonstration of a GLAD® thematic unit for 4 mornings with afternoons spent planning and making teacher-created instruction​al materials.
  • Follow-up coaching and implementation support, custom-designed for schools and districts to include facilitation of grade-level team planning, classroom walk-throughs with administrators/coaches, strategy refreshers, online resources, and email support.

Project GLAD® is most effective when teams of teachers from the same site or district participate and learn together. SDCOE will work with schools and districts to coordinate our two-day research and theory workshops and in-classroom demonstrations at times and locations convenient for your specific schedules.​

Register for an upcoming training using this link: Project GLAD®
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