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Students collaborating on a bilingual project.

Spanish Language Arts

Professional Development Training for Bilingual Schools

Running Records in two languages: Spanish and English

Running Records are an essential component of the formative assessment process for every classroom. With this series of workshops, teachers in Spanish-English dual language programs will learn how to apply running records as a formative assessment to guide instruction. Participants will practice administering running records in Spanish and English using student video recordings from real dual language program classrooms. 

More Professional Learning on the California State Standards for Spanish Language Arts

Please contact Jorge Cuevas-Antillón to receive more information about professional learning related to teaching in Spanish.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Spanish Language Arts via Common Core State Standards

Students and teachers working within Spanish-English biliteracy classrooms now have access to this carefully derived, valuable and practical equivalency of the English language arts content standards. The resource also offers teachers, paraprofessionals, and English learners primary language access to the language arts standards.

Visit Common Core en Español​ for more information.