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Visible Learning Plus Institute

​​​​Visible Learning plus is an in-depth school change model of professional learning based on John Hattie's powerful research on what works best in raising student achievement. Through a 3-seminar series, school-based teams will systematically examine effective instructional practice across a school to impact student achievement. Sponsored by RSDSS Region 9.​

Join the September Cohort​

​SDCOE is proud to partner with Visible Learning plus to bring the work of John Hattie’s research to San Diego.  John Hattie’s work is based on his meta-analysis of more than 50,000 studies involving more than 250 million students around the world.  

Visible Learning plus is not a new initiative – it is an in-depth school change model of professional learning that has been designed to systemically examine effective instructional and leadership practices to determine the “impact” on student achievement and learning.

When your team (Principal and 2 Lead Teachers) attends the Visible Learning plus institute they will be exposed to 15 years of research and learn about what really works best in education.  For so long in education we seem to have been on the hunt for the next best thing - this research causes us to stop and think about the vast amount we already know and take stock about what really does make the difference in student learning.

At the Visible Learning plus institute, your team will examine the research and learn strategies to improve the quality of teaching and learning in your school or district through leadership.  This professional development is sponsored by RSDSS Region 9 and Title I schools will only be paying for materials.  Download Flyer Here.​

Should you have questions about the Visible Learning plus  seminar, please contact Juli Coleman, Director of District and School Improvement: or (858) 292-3870.​​