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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program

Devel​oping system leaders who build high-performing schools to ensure powerful learning for each and every student.

PASC Info Session (Recorded)

*Application for the 2021-22 PASC Program
The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) Program​ at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is designed to prepare experienced educators for the challenges of school leadership. The credential allows you to serve in a variety of administrative roles, which may include principal, assistant principal, program manager, coordinator, and others depending on your district. Gaining your PASC will expand your opportunities as an educator. 

Our innovative, competency-based program combines high-quality instruction and leading-edge research with contextualized fieldwork experiences that prepare you to be an effective educational leader.​

Rigorous Blended Learning Program

The PASC Program makes a significant contribution to the San Diego region by preparing school leaders and educational administrators who are capable of attaining the level of effectiveness needed to produce high-performing schools in this increasingly challenging role. We partner with area superintendents whose voices inform the design of a rigorous and relevant program that is responsive to current leadership needs throughout the county.​​ PASC Program students attend classes in an engaging cohort model through a blended learning environment with both online and face-to-face settings. In-person sessions take place on Saturdays, typically once a month.

Upon successful completion of this 17-month program, PASC program students will obtain the state of California's Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. Program graduates are eligible to earn a master's level degree through partnerships with each of the following university programs:

Competency-based Guarantee with Expert Instruction

The PASC Program features a comprehensive leadership curr​iculum grounded in a commitment to equity and service, and aligned with the California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPE). Our course instructors have all served as successful school principals and have been recognized as effective leaders. In their current role with SDCOE, instructors maintain current knowledge and leadership practice through ongoing support and services in local schools and districts.​

Program Overview

  • ​Certification of all state Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC) requirements is accomplished through the 17-month program
  • Aligned with the CAPE
  • CalAPA Seminars link PASC program content to the CalAPA Leadership Cycles
  • Program cost is $8,300, plus a one-time, $100 technology and materials fee.

To learn more, please visit our PASC Admissions website.

Have questions or need more information? Contact:

Zeret Lara, Program Administrative Assistant