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Continuous Improvement

Learn how to improve a program with an intensive learning experience for teams that want to make real and sustained improvements.   


Continuous Improvement Institute

Join the fourth cohort of district and school teams interested in building knowledge and capacity to evaluate and improve their unique, selected program. The 2018-19 year-long institute combines five face-to-face days with on-site coaching to assist teams in identifying what is and isn't working within a program, and creating and sustaining real improvements to that program over time.

New Cohort (TBD) Continuous Improvement Institute Brochure - Two girls looking at school work

  • Days 1 and 2: This two-day workshop introduces participants to the fundamentals of improvement, with an emphasis on the first two questions in the model for improvement, establishing a clear aim or goal, and developing the measurement infrastructure to know if any changes you introduce will improve the program.
  • Days 3 and 4: This two-day workshop continues with the fundamentals of improvement by focusing on the third question in the model for improvement, introducing changes, and the plan do study act cycle.
  • Day 5: This final workshop shares resources and tools for communicating your journey with key stakeholders.

Contact us if you are interested in any of these events.

Improvement Tools

Learn the what, how, and why of seven improvement tools and get practice using each of them.

Join district and site leaders in taking a deeper dive into how to effectively design and facilitate effective change strategies by using the PDSA cycle. Learn how to examine the current system and identify high leverage change ideas, develop and conduct rapid, small scale tests of change ideas, collect regular data and document key learning, and manage multiple cycles within larger improvement efforts.

New dates TBD