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Formative Assessment

Formative assessment, often referred to as assessment for learning, “is a process teachers and students use during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching moves and learning tactics. It is not a specific test, nor an event, nor a bank of test items” (Linquanti, R. 2014). Put more succinctly, “formative assessment is a planned process in which teachers and students use assessment based evidence to adjust what they’re currently doing” (Popham, 2008).
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The Formative Assessment Network of San Diego (FANSDiego)

The goals of FANSDiego are to:

  • Support deeper learning around the formative assessment process 

  • Help teachers revise and refine their current practices within their own classroom and school

  • Encourage both student and teacher reflection and dialogue around content and assessment

  • Improve assessment literacy to create lasting change in schools and districts

To improve formative assessment knowledge in your school district, register for one of the professional learning opportunities below, or contact the AAE team to design a customized learning program.

Introduction to Formative Assessment

In three day long sessions, educators will learn about how to continuously collect, interpret, and act upon evidence of learning with a focus on supporting students with special educational needs and English learners.

Formative assessment has been shown to be highly effective in raising the level of student attainment, increasing equity of student outcomes, and improving students' ability to learn. (OECD) Schools which use formative assessment show not only general gains in academic achievement but also particularly high gains for previously underachieving students. (Brookhart & Ryerse)

 Spring 2020 Series

  • Teachers new dates coming soon!

  • Administrators — new dates coming soon!

Assessment Centered Instruction