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Program Evaluation

Tap into external expertise or strengthen your own capacity to design and conduct evaluations of specific programs in order to answer your biggest questions, measure impact, and make informed decisions.

Gain support with a specific step in your evaluation journey or partner with us for all your program evaluation needs. Our services are fully customizable ranging from consultations to tailored workshops to onsite coaching to multi-year external evaluations. We also offer a variety of different webinars, resources, and tutorials to build foundational knowledge and skills around specific topics, methods, and tools of applied evaluation.

Specific services and supports include:

Title I / Title III Program Evaluation

Required annually, an evaluation of your Title I or Title III program provides leaders and staff with valuable information about the implementation and effectiveness of specific actions and services so that you can improve the program and student achievement. 

Needs Assessment  

A well-designed needs assessment is the foundation for the development of high quality programs and effective plans. Learn how to plan and lead a needs assessment process that meets federal and state requirements and provides you with a clear, prioritized understanding of your local needs.

Evaluating Professional Development / Academic Interventions

Examine whether a) professional development is of high quality and resulting in a change in knowledge, skill and practice and/or b) academic interventions are being implemented consistently and yielding an impact on student learning or behavior.

External Evaluation of Grants and Other Local Programs

Fulfill grant requirements and gain actionable knowledge on the planning, implementation, and outcomes of multi-faceted programs and projects.

Stakeholder Engagement

Learn the importance of stakeholder engagement and how to plan and facilitate effective engagement strategies and opportunities.

Program Development and Evaluation Planning

Learn how to describe a program's actions and outcomes in order to inform evaluation planning.

Data Collection and Analysis

Learn how to design data collection plans; develop and use surveys, checklists, focus groups, and observation tools; facilitate data analysis sessions.

Data Visualization

Understand the power and principles behind presenting data through effective and compelling visualizations.

Data Storytelling

Discover the power of combining your data with stories and more effectively communicate the why, how, and what of the work you lead.

Let us know of your interests and needs and we'll be in touch.