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Answers critical questions specific to physical education.  Topics include issues re: credentialing, courses, independent study, exemptions, environmental factors, coaches, aquatics, dressing/lockers and the Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
Describes what is mandatory, allowable and recommended practice re: physical education based on Ed Code and best practices.
Questions to help select quality physical educators.
Describes shifts in practice to better develop students’ physical literacy.
Describes quality instruction in physical education.

San Diego Physical Education Leaders

45 teachers have earned the distinction of being recognized as a San Diego County Physical Education Leader.  These physical educators have completed the Physical Education Leadership Academy and are examples for other physical educators.   Click here to identify a San Diego County Physical Education Leader in your district/ara.

  • Click here for information on the 2019-20 Physical Education Leadership Academy. 

  • The 3-Day Physical Literacy Institute is a pre-requisite for the Physical Education Leadership Academy.  Click here for Information about the 3-Day Physical Literacy Institute.

2019 San Diego Physical Education Leaders

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