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Comprehensive Intervention Model Grades 1-12

As a certified provider of professional learning for St. Mary’s College Kalmanovitz School of Education, SDCOE has added three new literacy interventions in addition to Reading Recovery for teachers who are trying to help struggling readers. 

This portfolio of literacy interventions is what constitutes the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM), a systemic and layered design for increasing the literacy achievement of struggling readers and writers in kindergarten through 8th grades. CIM is based on the belief that teachers must be experts in observing the changes that occur over time in children’s literacy behaviors and be able to make moment-to-moment decisions based on the children’s strengths and areas of need.

The Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) is designed to:

  • Support struggling readers from grades K-12 through a well-coordinated learning design 
  • Reverse reading failure through a systemic model of layered interventions
  • Build understanding on how to make moment-to-moment decisions based on the children’s strengths and areas of need
  • Develop expertise in observing how children’s literacy behaviors change over time

Cohort Details

All interventions are intended to be customized for your school or district.  Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule professional learning. 

Start Date


All meetings are after school from 4 to 6 p.m.


Available Graduate University Units**

Reading Recovery

Sep 5

(30 weeks)

Weekly on Wednesdays


Eight units are included in the cost

Guided Reading Plus


(Six weeks)

Weekly on Tuesdays


One unit available for an additional $310

Dyslexia Intervention


(Six weeks)

Weekly on Tuesdays


One unit available for an additional $310

Comprehension Focus Group


(Six weeks)

Weekly on Tuesdays


One unit available for an additional $310

* Discounts available when three or more teachers from a district attend as a team. 

** Attendees can earn university units by submitting payment directly to St. Mary’s College of California. More information is available at the time of course registration.

If After School Does Not Work For Teachers at your School

Districts and schools can arrange for any CIM workshop to be offered during the school day at a time that suits their schedule.

Cohort Descriptions

All courses and cohorts listed below include the opportunity for observation and feedback from a coach as new intervention practices are tried on in the classroom.

Reading Recovery (grade 1)  

This year-long course equips teachers to provide a short-term, one-to-one intervention in which children make accelerated progress that permits them to catch up to their peers and continue to work successfully within a classroom program after only 12 to 20 weeks of intervention instruction. Contact Cynthia Craft for registration. 

Guided Reading Plus (grades 1-6)

This six-week cohort prepares teachers to provide small group intervention for students who are reading below grade level.

Dyslexia Intervention (grades 1-3)

This six-week cohort prepares teachers to deliver a one-on-one intervention for targeted students who experience moderate to severe difficulties with literacy development, including dyslexia. The multisensory lesson components include phonological awareness, reading, and writing.

Comprehension Focus Group (grades 3-12)

This six-week cohort prepares teachers to provide support for children who are reading at the transitional level and are having difficulty comprehending a range of text as they progress. This intervention is designed to help students develop reading and writing knowledge for three major text types: narrative, informational, and persuasive.  Please contact Cynthia Craft if you are supporting high school.

Selection of CIM Teachers

The adoption of CIM represents an investment in the development of teacher expertise.  Teachers selected for training must be experienced and effective. They must be open to new learning and ready to continuously reflect, problem-solve, and adjust their teaching to ensure the success for struggling readers. The CIM teacher also works closely with the CIM coach, other classroom teachers, and site administrators.  Teacher should be a knowledgeable professional who is able to communicate, cooperate, and negotiate effectively.

Reading Recovery On-going Professional Learning for Certified Reading Recovery Teachers

Reading Recovery Recertification Course

College Credit

Graduate level units are available through Saint Mary’s College of California, and can be used toward a CIM Teacher Certification.  There is a requirement for teachers who pursue college credit.

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Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) is a registered trademark of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

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Coordinator, Language Arts

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Coordinator, Language Arts

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Coordinator, Language Arts