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Classroom Examples

In order to help educators see what framework-aligned instruction might look like, the History-Social Science Framework includes classroom examples for each grade level.


Being a Good Citizen (Pg. 33)

Grade 1

Schools in the Past and Today (Pg. 44)

Grade 2

Heroes Making a Difference (Pg. 53)

Grade 3

Classroom and the Constitution (Pg. 61)  

Grade 4

The Gold Rush (Pg. 80)
Statehood and Immigration to California (Pg. 85)
Local, State, and Federal Governments (Pg. 92)

Grade 5

Road to Revolution (Pg. 111)
The Preamble (Pg. 118)

Grade 6

Hammurabi's Code (Pg. 150)
The Impact of Confucianism (Pg. 168)

Grade 7

The Roman Empire (Pg. 188)
Quanzhou, Site of Encounter (Pg. 208)
The Spanish Conquest of Mexico (Pg. 227)

Grade 8

The Civic Purpose of Education (Pg. 251)
The Antislavery Movement (Pg. 256)
Western Expansion (Pg. 262)

Grade 9

California History—Hetch Hetchy (Pg. 292)
California's Growth (Pg. 295)
Ethnic Studies Classroom Example: Local History (Pg. 313)

Grade 10

The Divine Monarch (Pg. 321)
Connecting Ancient Philosophies with Revolutionary Political Principles (Pg. 325)
World History and World Literature (Pg. 338)
The End of the Cold War (Pg. 363)

Grade 11

Working Children (Pg. 384)
The Harlem Renaissance (Pg. 393)
Containing Communism at Home, a Museum Exhibit (Pg. 413)
The Vietnam War (Pg. 423)

Grade 12 (Gov)

The Executive Branch (Pg. 441)
Judicial Review (Pg. 444)

Grade 12 (Econ)

Globalization (Pg. 476)