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Session 2

​Harnessing the Power of Family Engagement.

Can Families Really Help Students Learn? 

With Jenni Brasington

For schools and districts across the U.S.,family engagement is rapidly shifting from a low-priority recommendation to an integral part of education reform. During the keynote, Ms. Brasington will introduce participants to the most current research on family engagement and examine what we know about harnessing the power of families to support student academic achievement. She will explain why engaging families is critical to student outcomes, what works and where to start. 

Engaging Families: The Magic of Reading Aloud at Home 

With Erin Koning

The most consistent piece of research over the years is the relationship between family engagement and student achievement.  According to Dr. Karen Mapp, "Parent participation is the leading predictor that supports students' academic success, regardless of family race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or cultural background." This session is designed to assist participants understand how to construct meaningful strategies that build a family's capacity to support children's growth in and love for literacy as well as their social-emotional development through reading aloud.

Participants will leave the session with best practice strategies and actionable next steps to strengthen their family partnerships in improving students' love for reading.