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SERIES: Diving Deeper into "Principles to Actions"

Strengthening our teaching practices to get the most out of each lesson, our students, and ourselves.  

Why do some lessons go so well and others fall flat? How can I improve my effectiveness as a middle school math teacher? What are the Mathematics Teaching Practices and how can they help me to be a more effective middle school math teacher?

Principles to Actions NCTM book

The Math Department has designed a series of four workshops to take an in-depth look into the eight Mathematics Teaching Practices defined by NCTM in Principles to Actions. We will explore each of the practices and how it applies to our work as middle school math teachers. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the Mathematics Teaching Practices and specific tools to help make their work more effective.

How registration works:

  1. Choose from the list of workshops below.
  2. Click on the link for more information.
  3. Enter the code "diving" to register.
  4. Return to the main OMS page to sign up for additional workshops in the series.

Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone course to take a closer look at two of the Mathematics Teaching Practices and the workshops can be taken in any sequence. The workshops are individually priced, but discounted rates apply if you sign up for more than one workshop. Included in the cost of the workshop is Principles to Actions: Ensuring mathematical success for all from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Workshops in this series

  • Promoting Thinking, Speaking, and Listening in Middle School Math (three Saturday morning sessions)
  • The Right Stuff: Asking the Right Questions and Providing the Right Support (one-day session)
  • Making Connections: Mathematical Representations and Student Thinking (one-day session)
  • Building Blocks: Goals and Progressions (one-day session)

Audrey Mendivil
Mathematics Coordinator