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Productive Struggle for All! (K-8)  *New Workshop*

How do we ensure that students with disabilities have access to grade level mathematics?  Discover ways to transform Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), and learn about strategies and tools to support all students in building mathematical understanding.  Participants will receive a copy of Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had by Tracy Johnston Zager.

Cost is $120 per person (team pricing is available)

Mar. 14

Unlock the Mathematician in ALL Students (TK-5)

Learn how to address the gaps in your students' math achievement in this three-day session.  Review the structure of your mathematics block and develop questioning techniques to maximize opportunities to support and extend learning.  Visit a school site to see these teaching practices impact student learning.

Cost is $225 per person (team pricing is available)

Registration Closed Feb. 14, Feb. 27 and Mar. 12

Developing Young Mathematicians (TK-2)

Find high-quality activities to support young children in making meaning of mathematics during this interactive one-day session.  Spark student talk and develop young problem-solvers with puzzles, games, and three-act math tasks.  Participants will receive a copy of Which One Doesn't Belong? by Christopher Danielson

Cost is $85 per person (team pricing is available)

Apr. 16

Reboot Fractions: Tools and Strategies to Strengthen Student Understanding (1-6)

Make fractions easier for your students to understand and prepare them for middle school and beyond with this one-day session packed with helpful tools and strategies.  Problem solve with clothesline math, pattern blocks, and fractions talks.  Dive deeper into the state standards and learn about real-world applications of fractions, then walk away with a toolkit of resources designed to help you replicate your experiences with your students.

Cost is $75 per person (team pricing is available)

Feb. 12

The Standards and Beyond (TK-5)

Start your school year off strong with a review of the state standards for your grade level.  Learn what to teach and understand what students really need to know with an in-depth look at the California Mathematics Framework and how it can help inform instruction.  Designed for teachers new to their grade level or in need of a refresher course.

Cost is $75 per person (team pricing is available)


Using Number Talks to Spark Mathematical Reasoning (TK-5)

Learn how to integrate number talks into your existing instruction to improve student understanding of math concepts.  Gain resources to guide planning and prepare customized number talks ready to implement with students.  This one-day session is designed for educators new to number talks or those looking for a review.

Cost is $75 per person (team pricing is available)

Jan. 10

Mark Alcorn
Mathematics Coordinator