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Mathematics teachers in grades 6-12 play a crucial role in ensuring equity and access for all students. 

Increase your knowledge, strengthen your skills and develop new capabilities in a learning path designed for you. Explore workshop that are created specifically for your site and district, at the level you need now. You work hard to transform your students' lives – take time to transform your own. 

Sample of Customized Learning Opportunities

The Standards and Beyond

​What am I really supposed to be teaching? How do I figure out which parts of this text to teach and which parts to skip? What do students really need to know when they leave my class? An in-depth look at the California Mathematics Framework can provide the answer. Customizable to your needs - this is designed for secondary math teachers to learn about the components of the framework and how to use the resource in designing their curriculum and instruction.

A Guide to Collaborative Work

​Wondering how to build collaborative work in the secondary mathematics classroom? We can guide teams to consider how to design group work to be more effective, design group work that uses class time efficiently, and understand the difference between cooperation and collaboration. Designed for secondary math teachers who are looking to begin or improve upon collaborative student groups in their classes, we can dive into key components of collaborative group work based on Peter Liljedahl's Thinking Classroom research, and offer strategies for implementing efficient and effective group work.

Tasks Worth Teaching

​Having high-quality math tasks for students to engage in is a critical piece in transforming mathematics classrooms. Secondary math teachers looking to improve the quality of the problems they assign their students will examine the components of a high-quality math task, learn ways to modify tasks to increase their quality, and gain access to resources containing thousands of high-quality tasks.

Questions and Questioning

​Student discourse in secondary mathematics classrooms is essential, but learning to ask the right questions is a skill most secondary mathematics teachers are still developing. Dive into how to create questions that support and deepen student understanding, plan and sequence questions to best capitalize on student thinking, and support students in asking and answering questions. Explore the role of quality questions and questioning skills in promoting student's mathematical understanding and investigate strategies that engage students as the questioner and authority.

And more...

Looking for research-based practices and strategies for secondary mathematics? Want support in guiding your secondary mathematics teachers to the next step on their professional learning journey? We can meet with you to discuss other learning and services we can provide to support mathematics education across San Diego County. 

Contact SDCOE Mathematics Coordinators Mindy Shacklett or Audrey Mendivil for content questions, or reach out to Christina Fekas-Gorman at 858-295-8842 for registration questions.


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