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Legislative Updates

‚ÄčAB 329: California Healthy Youth Act

As of Jan. 1, 2016, the California Healthy Youth Act requires school districts to provide students with integrated, comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education at least once in middle school and once in high school.

The law is intended to ensure that students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their sexual and reproductive health and develop healthy attitudes concerning adolescent growth and development, body image, gender, sexual orientation, relationships, marriage, and family. It will help ensure that students understand sexuality as a normal part of human development, and requires that curricula help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to have healthy, positive, and safe relationships and behaviors.


Read the full law here.


California Sexual Health Education Roundtable: What is the California Healthy Youth Act?

California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329)

Grades 7-12: Evaluation Checklist for Compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act

Checklist for evaluating curricula against the requirements of the law.

Fast Facts about the California Healthy Youth Act (ACLU)

Short fact sheet with basic information about the law, suitable for distribution at community meetings or for sharing with concerned parents or school district personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions (CA Sexual Health Education Roundtable)

 Basic questions about the law, suitable for sharing with parents, teachers, administrators, or advocates.

Curricular Materials & Resources (ACLU)

List of materials and resources that may be useful for district administrators. Note that this document will be updated regularly.

Questions & Answers for School Districts (ACLU)

Comprehensive and technical question and answer document detailing specific requirements of the law, including references to the relevant sections of the Education Code, intended mostly for district administrators.

Sample Parent/Guardian Letter (ACLU)

    Sample letter that meets the requirements of the law for parental notification and passive consent for participation in comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education, which can be modified with additional details to meet the needs of individual districts.

    AB 302: Lactation Accommodations in California Schools

    On Oct. 9, 2015, Governor Brown signed into law AB 302, reaffirming the right of parenting students in California schools to reasonable lactation accommodations. Under existing law, school districts are already required to provide reasonable accommodations to lactating students, but the new law offers greater specificity and guidance to schools about what these accommodations must include.

    Read the full law here.


    Lactation Accommodations in California Schools: Facts about California's 2015 Law AB 302