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Sum of It All Podcast

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Join Audrey Mendivil and Mark Alcorn in an asynchronous book club for teachers and leaders. Read along with us by either previewing or reviewing a chapter of the selected book in the podcast and continue the conversation on Twitter using #SumMathChat or email us at

Season 4: Short Reads

Do you have too many books on your shelf, but are still interested in learning and growing? This season we’re exploring short reads on topics that matter to us and have implications for teaching and learning math. We’ve selected some of our favorite articles that are relevant, timely, and free to access for us to explore together. The reading schedule for season 4 is available here with links to the articles. Continue with us in your professional learning journey, one episode and article at a time!

Transcripts of each episode are available at

Episode 0: Introduction to Short Reads

Episode 1: Math is Personal

​Season 1: Thinking Classrooms

​Season 2: Humanizing Disability

​Season 3: Faster Isn't Smarter

​We’re diving into Peter Liljedahl’s Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics to think about how we transform our classrooms. We’ll talk about practical take-aways to increase student thinking in classrooms, consider the research - why it’s important how it can help my students - and make connections between this text and some of our current challenges such as building equitable and safe spaces, grading, and how to design for the variability of learners. This is a mathematical adventure you won’t want to miss!

If you have a desire to become a better teacher of students with disabilities, you’ll want to grab a copy of Humanizing Disability in Mathematics Education: Forging New Paths by Paulo Tan, Alexis Padilla, Erica N. Mason and James Sheldon for this season’s book club. We will talk about how we ensure students with disabilities have full access to being mathematics doers and thinkers, broaden our definition of what it means to know and do mathematics, and consider how humanizing mathematics education benefits us all. With practical next steps, lasting take-aways and connections to other texts and ideas - join us as we forge new paths!

​For those who are always looking to improve their craft as a teacher but don’t have a lot of time to spend -  Cathy Seeley’s Faster Isn’t Smarter contains the right-sized messages to read and discuss with colleagues. We’ve grouped several messages together around distinct themes and will explore how we can address these messages in and out of our math classrooms. Looking to plan ahead? The reading schedule for season 3 is available here. As you speed through this new school year, take a few minutes to listen in and consider how faster isn’t always smarter.

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Transcripts of each episode are available at

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Transcripts of each episode are available at


Transcripts of each episode are available at


Episode 0:  Introduction to Thinking Classrooms

Episode 1:  Types of Tasks We Use in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 2:  How We Form Groups in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 3:  Where Students Work in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 4: How We Arrange Desks in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 5: How We Answer Questions in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 6: When, Where and How Tasks Are given in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 7:  When, Where and How Tasks Are given in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 8: How We Foster Student Autonomy in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 9: How We Use Hints and Extensions in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 10: How We Consolidate A Lesson In Thinking Classrooms

Episode 11: How Students Take Notes in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 12: What We Choose to Evaluate in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 13, How We Use Formative Assessment in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 14, How We Grade in Thinking Classrooms

Episode 15, Pulling the 14 Practices Together to Build Thinking Classrooms


Episode 0: Introduction to Humanizing Disability in Mathematics Education

Episode 1: The Power of Humanizing Mathematics Education

Episode 2: Expanding the Meaning of Mathematics

Episode 3: Mathematics Education as a Human Rights Issue

Episode 4: What are Disabilities?

Episode 5: Exploring Disability Knowledge and Identity as Tools for Humanizing

Episode 6: Powerful Mathematics Goals in the Individualized Educational Plan

Episode 7: Building Inclusive Classrooms and Communities, and Mathematics of All


Episode 0: Introduction to Faster Isn't Smarter

Episode 1: Back to School

Episode 2: Broadening the Definition of Mathematics

Episode 3: Technology as a Tool

Episode 4: Rethinking Our Practices

Episode 5: Growing Together

Episode 6: Continuous Growth

Episode 7: Moving Forward

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Season 3 Schedule of Reading

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