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Curriculum and Instruction

The vision of the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department is to build capacity and empower educators to provide high-quality, evidence-based instructional and assessment practices which meet the needs of all students.

We support this vision by:

  • Designing and facilitating professional learning that engages schools and districts in continuous improvement
  • Supporting the development of educator leadership
  • Facilitating educator networks across all content areas
  • Developing processes for the selection and implementation of high-quality curriculum and instructional resources
  • Sharing information between the State of California and individual schools and districts across San Diego County
  • Providing direct assistance to county offices of education and individual schools and districts
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Professional Learning

Essential Learning Trainer of Trainers

Designed for site and teacher leaders, teachers on special assignment, resource teachers, and instructional coaches, the Trainer of Trainers Essential Learning Series will support the determination of essential learnings as part of the curriculum design process. It is facilitated by the Curriculum and Instruction department at the San Diego County Office of Education. 

During the two-day event participants will learn about the importance of a guaranteed and viable curriculum and the steps for determining essential learnings, which include:

  1. Unpacking to identify concepts and skills embedded in each standard to foster deep understanding of standards before determining if they contain aspects of essential learnings

  2. Identifying and prioritizing essential learnings

  3. Creating a scope and sequence

  4. Designing high-quality assessments aligned to essential learnings

  5. Development of intervention/enrichment opportunities based on student assessment data

Contact: Dr. Shannon Baker or Audrey Mendivil with questions at

Price: $80 per person

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